Exciting News – Etsy Shop


Hey everyone *exciting news* I’ve opened an etsy shop. Yay. It’s called Melted Marshmallow. (I couldn’t get The Melted Marshmallow, boo). My shop is displaying embroidery hoop art and framed baby gifts I have started making. The next post will introduce you to my embroidery journey. I really hope you will love these as much as I do – please let me know.

I started embroidering a few months ago after falling in love with some fabulous hoop art on Pinterest.  If you follow me on Instagram @rachel_vass you will have been joining me on this journey, the highs and the lows!

Here are some of the embroidery goodies in my shop.  Please, please go visit for more photos and like my shop if you like what you see.

img_1128 img_1134 img_1138 img_1143 img_1164 img_1168

I read every comment and they make me so happy, thank you for taking the time to comment.